by | Oct 15, 2017 | ESL, Kharkiv, Ukraine

We’ve had a wonderful English week in Kharkiv with a great team of teachers. English became a great occasion to make new friendships. About 40 people took part in the project, and we learned, played, performed during the American Culture Night and had a lot of fun together. Thanks to the hospitality of school # 11 and Svit Protsenko, our classes went in a cozy atmosphere. We talked about success in the light of Biblical values during our discussion time. We also raised the difficult questions of the purpose of life, talents and gifts, successful relationships and the reasons of failures. We gave the participants bracelets with the “formula of success”. The last night was a lot of fun in a warm, family-like circle. We ate American style crackers and drank soda. Each group prepared a performance. We had singing and dancing, live music and a cappella singing. We didn’t feel like going home after the party. Looking forward to the follow-up next week!

English School In Kharkiv

English School In Kharkiv

English School In Kharkiv

English School In Kharkiv

English School In Kharkiv


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