Photography: Are You a Photographer?

Have you ever used photography to share your Christian world and life view?

The two naturally go together. When we take pictures, our eyes and our hearts work together. Like a lens filter, our hearts reflect what we see, what we value, and how we view people and God’s creation. If you are a photographer willing to let God use your skills and knowledge, come to Ukraine to teach in one of our Photo Schools.


Helping Students with Their Photography Skills

As you help students with their technical skills, you’ll have opportunity to teach how your faith informs and frames your photos. You can come for almost any length of time—for a week or a year! Depending on your length of stay, you may travel to several cities—certainly Kyiv and Cherkasy, to name only two.


Photography is an Opportunity for Relationship Building

You will be provided with an interpreter for teaching. Another opportunity for relationship building for the kingdom is to join one of our Photo tours, such as to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine or as far-flung as India, Nepal, Vietnam, Georgia, or Peru. These tours include photography lessons and discussions touching on life issues from a biblical perspective. You will be asked to teach 2-3 photography classes and are invited to participate in the discussions.

Perhaps the greatest value stems not from the intensive learning but from the intensive relationship building. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can join a Photo Tour if you want to learn. You will be a student acquiring new skills and a believer who will build relationships and share his life with others. If you are interested in helping to teach in our Photo School or joining a Photo Tour, please get in touch with Maia Mikhaluk at


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