by | Oct 14, 2017 | ESL, Odesa, Ukraine

3 days in the Carpathians on the Sinevir lake.
72 hours of training and personal communication.
4320 minutes filled with joy and fun.
25 people who chose not to stop!

Higher Call In Your Life

This is the retreat with the American team and the English club Odesa. We raised important topics about calling in professional, personal and spiritual life. Every day the American team led us into discussions and conversations.
Now we can see how effective this format was, because all three days the Americans were able to fully devote time to the guys. This trip gave us the opportunity for more open personal conversations, that was our goal. This year we received many good reports about our retreat. The Americans and club members shared their good impressions.
We have prayed and prepared a lot for this trip and now we can see how the Lord has blessed us in everything: it was the amazing place, the good weather, people were open and ready to grow.
Thanks for your support.

Higher Call In Your Life Higher Call In Your Life


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