Volunteers come to recently liberated Izum with humanitarian aid and to entertain children

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Humanitarian Aid, Lviv

Lviv Church “Message of Hope”

Team Of Volunteers In Izum Ukraine
Volunteers Surrounded By Ukrainian Children In Izum
Damaged Building In Izum Ukraine
Ukrainian Volunteers And Children In A Huddle
A volunteer team from Lviv Church “Message of Hope”, in collaboration with NGO “Space of Future Ukraine” and the church “Jesus Christ” m. Lviv, went to Izum, a recently liberated town in Eastern Ukraine. The town’s infrastructure had been destroyed including kindergardens and schools. The volunteer team organized a small camp, where they hosted many fun activities for the local teens and children. They also dedicated a day to meet with families and provide food packages and other essentials like shoes. The town and areas surrounding it are still regularly shelled by russians. The volunteers showed courage and kindness, enduring the danger and connecting with locals. We pray for Ukraine’s victory and peace for Izum.


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