Uman holds an event for families of fallen Ukrainian defenders

by | May 17, 2023 | Uman

Uman Church “Ressurection of Christ”

The event, organized with immense care and respect, aims to create an atmosphere of unity, healing, and remembrance. Held at Uman’s church, it brings together families, friends, and fellow citizens who have all been touched by the indelible loss experienced when a loved one defends the freedom and security of their homeland.

The day commences with a solemn ceremony, marking the event’s opening. As the flag of Ukraine is gracefully raised, participants observe a moment of silence, paying homage to those who gave their lives in service to their country. Various activities are organized throughout the day to ensure a sense of togetherness and comfort the grieving families. The event features a memorial wall adorned with photographs, allowing attendees to remember their fallen heroes and share cherished memories. Visitors can light candles, offering a symbolic gesture of remembrance and hope.

In addition, the event includes a series of speeches by distinguished guests, and community leaders. These heartfelt words of appreciation and support remind everyone present of the extraordinary bravery and selflessness displayed by the fallen defenders. The speeches focus on celebrating their legacy, underscoring their significant contributions to the nation’s security and the indomitable spirit of Ukraine.



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