Ukraine War 2022

Since February 24, 2002, Russia has continued to attack us full force with their aviation, rockets, bombs, tanks, artillery, and troops from many different directions. It has been heartbreaking to see Russian invaders ruining our cities and towns and killing people of all ages and walks of life. But we believe they did not expect the resistance they met.

Ukrainian Men are Fighting for Their Homes and Families

Our men are fighting for their land, for their homes and families, for the future of their kids. To everybody’s surprise, Ukraine has held its own against the Russian advancement. It’s very much David and Goliath’s situation. If you look at the numbers, our military is many times smaller, and our country is many times smaller. But we trust God is protecting Ukraine and giving our people courage and strength. Every heart in Ukraine is crying out to God now and we believe 2 Chronicles 7:14 is happening in front of our eyes.

War 2022

International Partnerships Facebook Group

Our original FB International Partnerships group was blocked in the early days of the war. We have started a new group here. I won’t be able to repost all the individual posts but let me offer a summary of what is happening in some of the cities.

War 2022

Cherkasy Church

In Cherkasy church “Quiet Harbor” a baby boy Timothy was born on the third day of war. It’s the fourth son of Sasha and Lida Prihodko (IP church planters)

War 2022

Cherkasy Church “Resurrection of Christ”

Thankful to God for every day of life! We are saddened by current events, but we are strong in trusting God for His protection for all of us. We and our families are here! We decided not only to pray but also act as much as we can. Today we bought and took tea, coffee, cookies , sugar, etc. to territorial defense units. We are also bringing water to our soldiers at checkpoints. We are encouraging brothers in church to join territorial defense units to defend our villages and towns. Friends, everything will be well, either here or in eternity with our Creator! God will give us Victory! Praying for everyone!

  • Vinnytsya church continues prison ministry – prayer time in Stryzhavska prison and rehab center.
War 2022

Lviv church “Message of Hope”

Lviv is the city that is in Western Ukraine, the furthest from Russia. The city has become a place where refugees fled. The church is not able to host people in its building as it is located next to the airport so it might be under shelling first thing if Russians get to bombing Lviv. The church building welcomed a unit of territorial defense (civilians who signed up to join the army to defend the city). The church is providing food and space to sleep, take showers. Church members host refugees in their homes. In the pictures, you can see church teams delivering food to refugees.

News from Other Churches

  • Uman church “Birth of Christ” gathers food in nearby villages and brings to the suburbs of Kyiv that were the most ruined by recent Russian bombings. They also work to support territorial defense units.
  • Uman church “Reconciliation” evacuated to Western Ukraine. A very hard trip, 23 hours, 11 cars, 39 adults, 28 kids. God was caring for us in amazing ways during the trip!
  • In Kharkiv pastor of the church is still staying in the city to minister to people, but after vicious bombings of the whole city, he had to evacuate his family to Western Ukraine. The church is helping to give shelter and food to those who need it – people who lost homes to bombing are staying in the church.
  • In our Avdiivka church “Church Without Walls” pastor Alex reports that basic infrastructure has not worked in the city for days – no water, electricity. Together with other churches in eastern Ukraine, they are helping distribute food to those who are already in need.
  • In Kyiv pastor of the church “Faith, Hope, and Love” helps to provide food and supplies to territorial defense units.

Ukrainian War Zone Pictures 2022


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