Training Influencers and Leaders from Ukraine

International Partnerships is committed to training and equipping individuals to create positive change and transformation in keeping with Romans 12:2. This positively contagious affects other individuals and communities. We also promote reconciliation by building up a new generation of leaders who value compassion, justice, and faith.

International Partnerships can fulfill this vision through your support and partnership, empowering and mobilizing individuals to become catalysts for positive change and ambassadors for God’s glory.

Lay Leaders

Equipping Lay Leaders

From our beginning, we have recognized the importance of equipping our staff and lay leaders. Therefore, leadership training ranks high on the list of our priorities. International Partnerships promotes comprehensive leadership development programs, including providing training, mentoring, and resources to equip leaders with the tools they need to nurture thriving congregations effectively. Investing in these emerging leaders fosters a vibrant and sustainable network of churches with a transformative influence on the spiritual landscape of Ukraine.

Lay Leaders

Leadership Training

Leadership training takes place in one-on-one settings and in group environments. Typically, we bring together lay leaders from different cities for a three-to-four-day development conference each year. Here participants are inspired and learn from each other, gaining confidence in specific areas of ministry (preaching, leading worship, teaching and facilitating children and youth ministry, Bible discussion groups, young adult outreach, and other forms of outreach like camping and hiking).

We invite you to assist us in fulfilling our vision of multiplying churches and strong Christian leaders throughout Ukraine.

Lay Leaders

Training Pastors and Church Planters

Training of pastors is a critical as well as an ongoing process. Since 2017, we have been partnering with the global “City-to-City” Ministry Network to conduct Preaching Labs.

These Labs seek two outcomes: 1) to help improve communication skills and 2) to help differentiate between Gospel preaching and moralistic preaching.
Knowing the difference is crucial! It can be easy to focus on lists of things that we as Christians think we “must do or not do” to please God. The all-sufficiency of Jesus can get lost in the list. People hear that Jesus saved them, but they live constantly, trying to earn their salvation through their efforts at “being good enough.”


Equipping Pastors

Equipping our pastors to understand how to teach the Good News – that without Christ, we can do nothing: we cannot save ourselves and we cannot be good enough, we can only please God by believing in His Son, and that good works are the result of salvation and not the cause!



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