Planting Churches

Planting churches is our ultimate goal at International Partnerships. Our teams work in the regional capitals with populations of 350,000 to 4,000,000, with very few evangelical churches. Our vision is to plant vibrant, multiplying churches where every believer will be challenged to be involved in ministry according to their gifts.


Seventeen Churches Planted Since 2000

Seventeen churches have been planted since 2000. Currently, eleven churches make up the network of IP churches in Ukraine.


Churches Planted in Homes

Two churches have been started in homes in ***stan because Christians there are not allowed to meet publically. In this majority Muslim country, many barriers impede the Gospel process of hearing, understanding, believing, and then joining a local church, but the Lord is at work!


Planting and Growing Churches

Everything that the International Partnerships’ staff does has as the ultimate goal the planting and growing of churches. Usually, 2 to 3 times more people are involved in outreach projects and Bible discussion groups than those who attend Sunday services. However, most regular attendees are engaged in Bible discussion groups, which foster spiritual growth and service in effective outreach.



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