Humanitarian Response to War

Please Pray For Avdiivka

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians live under the constant threat of attack from Russian planes, rockets, bombs, tanks, artillery, and troops, with heartbreaking destruction to cities, towns, and families. However, we trust and find hope in God as He protects our country and provides courage and strength as our hearts cry out to Him. We believe 2 Chronicles 7:14 is true and relevant to our current generation.
Since the beginning of Russian hostilities in 2014, International Partnerships has responded with physical, emotional, and spiritual aid to those in need – especially the millions of young, old, and internally displaced. We continue to serve throughout Ukraine, caring for and encouraging those impacted by war while letting them know they are neither forgotten nor alone. In doing so we can share the good news of Jesus Christ and His love — He is the only true hope for all of us.
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Gallery – Touching Lives and Encouraging Hearts

This video and image gallery serves as a visual narrative of Ukraine’s complex reality, showcasing the beauty of its culture and faith, the resilience of its people, and the ongoing mission work by our churches bringing aid, hope, and restoration to those in need. In stark contrast, the gallery also includes photographs revealing the war’s devastating consequences. Scenes of destruction and ruins serve as a reminder of the daily challenges faced by the Ukrainian people and the urgent need for assistance and reconstruction. We share these images to evoke a sense of empathy and highlight the importance of continued efforts to rebuild lives and communities affected by the conflict.


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