Training Lay Leaders

International Partnerships are reaching the ones who touch thousands – the professionals and influencers of our society. These people lead in their professional lives, but as they come to Christ, we want them to become servant leaders guided by Christian principles.

From International Partnership’s beginning, we recognized the importance of equipping staff and lay leaders. Hence, leadership training ranks high on the list of our priorities.  Equipping leaders forms the foundation of healthy growth in all stages of ministry development – evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. We are convinced that as the Gospel transforms lay leaders, they will help transform the cultures of former Soviet countries.

Lay Leaders

Leadership Development

Our Goals for the Leadership Development Institute:
– To encourage lay leaders with their spiritual growth and development
– To facilitate their sharing and learning from each other
– To coach them in refining existing ministry skills
– To help them acquire added skills and new knowledge to develop new ministries
– To consult with these leaders to develop new approaches for evangelism

Lay Leaders

Lay Leader Training

Lay leader training takes place in one-on-one settings and group seminars.  Once a year, we bring together lay leaders from different cities for a 3-4 day conference.  Here participants are inspired and learn from each other, gaining confidence in specific areas of ministry (preaching, leading worship, teaching and facilitating children and youth ministry, Bible discussion groups, young adult outreach, and camping and hiking initiatives).

Lay Leaders
Lay Leaders

Leadership Conference Video


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